Making Words Folder

This is a must have for any primary classroom!  Building words is a powerful activity for literacy development.  Students enjoy the activities as it frees them from the struggle of writing the letters.  They can simple focus on the letter names and sounds.

But, oh how I dreaded keeping the letters organized.  I tried buying plastic organizers but they didnt work so well for me.  They would spill and we would spend valuable time reorganizing them.  Students struggled to find the correct letter as they were upside down and backwards in their compartment.  It wasnt working.

Then, I saw this idea on Teacher Bits and Bobs blog spot. A teacher was using folders with post it notes.  On the post it notes were the letters.  The students simply moved the post it note to the word-building box and back again when finished.  Genius!!

I made some modifications and threw away my boxes of plastic letters.  I adjusted the letters this year to accommodate my multigrade classroom.  I didn't want to have folder sets for each grade level so I added more vowel pairs. Now I can use the folders for more levels.

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Everything is a work in progress.  After I made what I thought was my final product, I found one small change that needed to be made.  I changed the color of the building box at the bottom of the page to gray.  I noticed that the vowels didnt pop like I wanted them to, so I made this adjustment after I took these pictures.